Accelerating innovative science by developing a selective first-in-class KDM4 inhibitor to regulate epigenetic controls in cancer therapy.

Our Science

We are identifying and utilizing new ways to address cancer at its core. Using our expertise in epigenetics and drug development, we are creating novel therapeutics to correct the abnormal patterns of histone modifications seen in various cancers.

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Our Technology

TACH101 is a selective and potent small-molecule inhibitor of KDM4 histone lysine demethylase. Pre-clinical evidence shows TACH101 to be effective at inhibiting all members of the KDM4 family and to have broad applicability across several tumor types.

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Innovators in Our Field

Tachyon operates with a dedicated internal core development team and a virtual external network of expertise to achieve one goal – advance our program with speed and innovation, without compromising the quality or integrity of our science.

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Accelerating Science for Breakthrough Therapies

Company News


Tachyon completed seed funding and established fully operational organization.


Tachyon founded by scientific inventors to advance KDM4 program for clinical development.